Registrations for Winter 2021

Welcome to the 2021 Winter registrations

Tango Netball Club turns 75 in 2021!

During the year we will be sharing and celebrating our history.

To our returning community members, we are looking forward to continuing your netball development and providing you with opportunities to allow you to achieve your personal and club goals.

New to Tango?

Welcome to the Tango Netball Club Community, we look forward to providing you with the opportunity to develop your game and grow your skill and passion.

If you require a Tango uniform, please visit our club sponsor SportsPower, the Grove (previously the Village) shopping centre. Dress and Shorts are $105. Further merchandise including socks Jackets and windcheaters are also available.

Players are provided with a sponsor T Shirt which is to be worn over the dress to all games and when wearing your uniform in public. Please note, ugg boots, slides and thongs are NOT acceptable footwear and should not be worn with your uniform at any time. When wearing your Tango Uniform in public, please remember you are at all times representing your club, please ensure your behaviour reflects positively on our community at all times.

From time to time, preloved uniforms become available, details can be found on our dedicated Facebook Page.

Competition opportunities-

For Winter 2021, Tango Netball Club will offer playing opportunities in both the SADNA (Golden Grove) and AMND (Netball SA Stadium) competitions. In summer we will offer playing opportunities in both the SADNA and City Night competitions.

AMND/City Nights Played at Netball SA Stadium 155 Railway Terrace, Mile End South.

SADNA Competition Played at Districts Netball Complex Atlantis Dr, Golden Grove Age groups for the 2021 Winter Season are as follows: Seniors (18 years and Over): Born in 2003 or before Intermediates (17 years and Under): Born in 2004 and 2005 Juniors (15 years and Under): Born in 2006 and 2007 Sub-Juniors (13 years and Under): Born in 2008 and 2009 Primaries (11 years and Under): Born in 2010 and 2011

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GO (9 years and Under): Born in 2012, 2013 and 2014

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Fees: Senior – Development $355 Senior – Social $200 Intermediate $355 Junior $320 Sub Junior $320 Primary and Go $295 Full fees must be paid prior to trials.

Tango Netball Club is approved for the Department of Recreation, Sport and Racing Sports Voucher and encourages you to apply for the $100 annual voucher. The Tango Netball Club Management Committee does not believe players should be disadvantaged due to unforeseen family financial situations. If necessary, please contact for a confidential discussion.

Winter 2021 Trial times and dates. Players are required to attend trials on: Sunday 7th and 14th February GO 8.30am to 10.30am (only 1 trial on 7 February) Primary 8.30am to 1030am Sub Junior 10.30am to 12.30pm Junior 4pm to 6pm Inter 6pm to 8:00pm Senior 6pm to 8.00pm

All trials will be held at Kings Baptist Grammar School. If for any reason you are unable to attend trials please email with the name and DOB of the player, this information will be forwarded to the age group coordinator.

Trials do not guarantee placement in a team. You will be notified when teams have been chosen. If you disagree with the placement, you must lodge a grievance via the Secretary. The Secretary will forward the information to the Match Committee for review.

Trials are neutral – No club, state or school uniforms to be worn.

2021 Winter Registration Refund policy

All fees include an $80 nomination fee that is not refundable under any circumstances. The remaining balance of your registration fee:-

1. Will be refunded to any person who is not successful in being selected in a team.

2. Will be refunded to any person who withdraws their registration prior to 5pm Saturday 6th February 2021.

3. Will be refunded to any person who withdraws their registration after 5pm Saturday 6th February 2021, but prior to 5pm Saturday 6th March 2021, less a further $40 administration fee. (Total Deduction $120)

4. Will NOT be refunded to any person after team selections are announced, either by notification in writing or verbally by TNC or through the release of teams via mynetball.

WITHDRAWALS will only be accepted in writing via email to

Registrations close 31 January 2021 We look forward to seeing you