Firstly, thank you to all who attended the first trial. We encourage everybody who did not make the list below to trial for AMND League and Seniors, the dates of these trials will be posted on our website by Friday 23/10/2015.   Congratulations to the following players who are required to attend the second trial this Wednesday 21st October.   Feltham, Aimee Sinclair, Jade Rich, Megan Roberts, Jessica Fischer, Elle Carver, Sarah Green, Emily Jones, Ashleigh Miller, Kayla Hoffrichter, Lily Lang, Teagan Farley, Kayla Puopolo Stephanie Roocke, Carla Waddington, Leigh Moyne, Rebecca Taheny, Lucy Petty, Hannah Crockford, Sara Carling, Leah Rowe, Kelly Sidebottom, Samantha Newton, Billie Veart, Charlotte Green, Shannon Raper, Sarah Norris, Amy Fuller, Peyton Geddes, Meg Krawczyk, Taylor Ward, Jessica Raper, Emma Greenland, Stephanie Joyce, Zoe Poolman, Samantha