There are many ways you can get involved with Tango, and coaching is one of the most rewarding opportunities we offer. We appreciate that your first time coaching can be a daunting experience, so here at Tango we provide a variety of support structures for our coaches in order to ensure the best experience for you and our players. 

We are always seeking to expand our pool of coaches and to ensure that our coaches continually develop. Many of our coaches began as Team Managers and/or Assistant Coaches. This provides an opportunity to learn more about coaching before taking on your own team, if needed. Some brief descriptions of these roles are provided below, along with links to coaching courses that can be undertaken for anyone who is interested.


Coaching opportunities are available and open to expressions of interest each season. Coaching opportunities exist in our Net-Set-Go program; Sub-Primary; Primary; Sub-Junior; Junior; Intermediate; and Senior age groups. To express interest in coaching, please contact us here!

Assistant Coaching

Assistant Coaching is a great way to learn more about coaching from an experienced coach. Many of our players take on Assistant Coach roles to learn more and to support our younger players in their development. To express interest in becoming an assistant coach, please contact us here!

Team Manager

Each team requires a Team Manager to help support with the administrative responsibilities of the team, enabling the coach to focus on coaching! If this is something you would like to do, please reach out to the coach at the start of the season.

Development Opportunities for Coaches

Netball SA have a range of resources and courses available to support coaches with their development. Links to these can be found below.

Coaching Resources

The following links provide access to a range of resources to support coaching at all levels.

Meet some of our wonderful coaches!

Craig Steen - Sub-Junior 1 AMND
Steve O'Brien - Junior 1 AMND
Deb Branson - Junior 5 AMND
Michael O'Brien - AMND (Seniors)