Congratulations to our Winter 2023 Award Winners!

Best and Fairest


Harper Armstrong and Makayla Dempsey (AMND Primary 1)

Indie Thomson (AMND Primary 2)

Chloe Moores (AMND Primary 3)

Alexis Freer (SADNA Primary 1)

Sienna Scowen (SADNA Primary 2)

Merveille Akeza (SADNA Primary 3)


Sahara Challen and Skyla James (AMND Sub Junior 1)

Isabelle Dennis (AMND Sub Junior 2)

Kelsey Buckley (AMND Sub Junior 3)

Natalia Cabaj (AMND Sub Junior 4)

Charli Hanson (AMND Sub Junior 5)

Misha Khan (SADNA Sub Junior 1)

Taya Launer (SADNA Sub Junior 2)

Ava Wright (SADNA Sub Junior 3)


Summer Challen (AMND Junior 1)

Lyla Algate (AMND Junior 2)

Marli Glass (AMND Junior 3)

Taihya Eastwood (AMND Junior 4)

Charlotte White (AMND Junior 5)

Holly Jamieson (SADNA Junior 1)

Inters & Seniors

Letisha Bartsch (AMND Inter 1)

Chloe Jericho (AMND Inter 2)

Mackenzie Stones  (SADNA Inter 1)

Amanda Roberts (AMND – C6)

Alannah O’Brien (Senior AMND)

Runner Up Best and Fairest


Leah Pinnock-Holyoake (AMND Primary 2)

Winnie Driscoll (AMND Primary 3)

Ayla Matear-Hall (SADNA Primary 1)

Abby Boscence (SADNA Primary 2)

Kiana Thiele (SADNA Primary 3)


Adriana Zenunaj (AMND Sub Junior 2)

Eva Papadimitroulis (AMND Sub Junior 3)

Tahlia Cieslak (AMND Sub Junior 4)

Charli Hanson (AMND Sub Junior 5)

Siobhan Collins-Barry and Chloe Redpath (SADNA Sub Junior 1)

Maddison McKeown (SADNA Sub Junior 2)

Marley Millan (SADNA Sub Junior 3)


Rachel Burgess (AMND Junior 1)

Ebony Dilena (AMND Junior 2)

Ruby Hinton (AMND Junior 3)

Cejae Tyack (AMND Junior 4)

Charlotte Talbot (AMND Junior 5)

Mackenzie Knight (SADNA Junior 1)

Inters & Seniors

Briannah Woodley (AMND Inter 1)

Tara Burgess (AMND Inter 2)

Amelie Taylor (SADNA Inter 1)

Alyssa Smith (AMND – C6)

Chelsea O’Brien (Senior AMND)

Coaches Award


Sofia Cabaj (AMND Primary 1)

Ivy Vafiadis (AMND Primary 2)

Keira Smith (AMND Primary 3)

Shaylee James (SADNA Primary 1)

Annika Olver (SADNA Primary 2)

Emily Rafferty (SADNA Primary 3)


Marli Conroy (AMND Sub Junior 1)

Lily Drewett (AMND Sub Junior 2)

Layla Fry (AMND Sub Junior 3)

Natalia Cabaj (AMND Sub Junior 4)

Charli Hanson (AMND Sub Junior 5)

Abbie Schermer (SADNA Sub Junior 1)

Isabel Ambrose (SADNA Sub Junior 2)

Japleen Kaur Gondara (SADNA Sub Junior 3)


Tahlia Waanders (AMND Junior 1)

Lily Watts (AMND Junior 2)

Hayley Bradshaw (AMND Junior 3)

Hannah Place (AMND Junior 4)

Marvy Awad (AMND Junior 5)

Eleanor Mattner (SADNA Junior 1)

Inters & Seniors

Taylor Scott (AMND Inter 1)

Bella Papadimitroulis (AMND Inter 2)

Georgia Crowe (SADNA Inter 1)

Skye Elliott (AMND – C6)

Alysha Gliddon (Senior AMND)

Other Awards

Michael Wandtke Award – Isabel Ambrose

The Emily spirit award is presented to a young player who just loves her netball. She tries hard, trains regularly and is someone who gives 100% no matter what the situation.

Coach of the Year – Kate Woolcock

The Coach of the year award is awarded to a coach who has encouraged and developed their players consistently. They have developed themselves by attending clinics and coaching workshops and have demonstrated commitment to their own development and accreditation.

Club Person of the Year – Kristen Woodley

The Club Person of the Year is awarded to a person who puts their hand up when needed. They usually do more than one job around the Club and do not necessarily have to be a Committee Person.

Errol and Kaye Hood Award – Olivia Taylor

Umpire of the Year – Eden Gould

Team of the Year – AMND Sub-Junior 1 

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