2018 Winter Tango Netball Presentation Night

On Saturday night, the 22nd of September, Tango celebrated the 2018 Winter season with a dinner at the Valley Inn Function Centre. For those that couldn’t make it on the night, here is a snapshot:

We welcomed life members:

  • Deb Branson
  • Errol Hood
  • Kaye Hood
  • Jessica Branson
  • Glenn Gaisford
  • Julie Gelling
  • Taylor Krawcezyk
  • Bev Vickers

And Special guest Dr Richard Harvey – Member for Newland

Over the winter season Tango was represented by 14 teams in 25 finals games.  Culminating in 6 grand finals, 2 at SADNA and 4 at AMND.

The AMND Junior 1 team won the Premiership.  Congratulations to the players and coach – Glenn Gaisford.

Due to the AMND B1 team finishing 3rd, they were entitled under AMND rules to challenge an A1 team for an A1 place for the 2019 winter season. The game was played with neutral umpires at Priceline Stadium Thursday September 20th.  The players took the challenge in their stride and defeated Newton Jaguars A1 team securing a complete pathway from Premier League, Premier League Reserves, AMND and A grade for all players.

Below we acknowledged our talented players for 2018:

Player Achievements

  • Paris Sinclair – U17 State team / U17 National Squad
  • Sienna Yarwood – U12 State SAPSASA Team
  • Michaella Coolen – U12 State SAPSASA Team (Reserve)

Umpire Achievements

  • Alex Wandtke – National B Badge
  • Amelia Monk – National C Badge
  • Emily Luckhurst – National C Badge
  • Chelsea O’Brien – National C Badge

Northern Metro Netball Academy Representatives

  • Isabella Bogan
  • Ashlyn Bray
  • Charlotte Flego
  • Stephanie Flego
  • Alyssa Jones
  • Kelsi Ley
  • Caitlan Ferguson
  • Alannah O’Brien
  • Alanah McCann-Cooley
  • Aisha Thomas
  • Maddison Thompson
  • Maddisson Wise
  • Sabine Green
  • Kirsty Stirling
  • Sophie-Lea Jacka
  • Kahlia Potter
  • Jade Wood

Club Awards

Sub Primary 2 Coach: Amanda Morris

  • Caitlyn McFadyen
  • Charlotte Morris
  • Phoenix Murrin
  • Willow Stanton
  • Jessica Ouston
  • Lily James
  • Prabhnoor Kaur
  • Sian Jones

Sub Primary 3 Coach: Kelly Richardson

  • Madison Pearce
  • Lily Steen
  • Skyla James
  • Kaylee Richardson
  • Sophie Hunter
  • Evey Nissen
  • Bree Tuohy
  • Tahlia Cieslak

AMND Primary 2 Coach: Tammy Cooper

  • Best and Fairest: Ashleen Nagra
  • Coaches Award:  Jasmine Olech

AMND Primary 3 Coach: Julie Gelling

  • Best and Fairest: Georgia Crowe
  • Coaches Award:  Pheobe Schmidt

AMND Primary 7 Coach: Jennie Hanson

  • Best and Fairest: Sienna Abdulla
  • Coaches Award:  Hayley Jenkins

SADNA Primary 2 Coach: Sue Rushton

  • Best and Fairest: Jade Ferraresso
  • Coaches Award:  Tahlia Gray

SADNA Primary 3 Coach: Natasha Steen

  • Best and Fairest: Gemma Grant
  • Coaches Award:  Nevaeh Ebert

SADNA Primary 5 Coach: Jess Buttler

  • Best and Fairest: Addison Kennwell
  • Coaches Award:  Moniquie Papalia

AMND Sub Junior 1 Coach: Michael O’Brien

  • Best and Fairest: Sienna Yarwood
  • Coaches Award:  Amelia Olech

AMND Sub Junior 4 Coach: Kerry Ferguson

  • Best and Fairest: Jorgia Lloyde
  • Coaches Award:  Amalie Innes

AMND Sub Junior 5 Coach: Ian Woods

  • Best and Fairest: Ayla Johnson
  • Coaches Award:  Chloe John

SADNA Sub Junior 2 Coach: Andrew Grant

  • Best and Fairest: Matilda Kellogg
  • Coaches Award:  Nevaeh Ebert

SADNA Sub Junior 3 Coach: Dann Fleming

  • Best and Fairest: Jasmine Uncle
  • Coaches Award:  Summer Bartell

AMND Junior 1 Coach: Glenn Gaisford

  • Best and Fairest: Ashleigh Schultz
  • Coaches Award:  Maddison Thompson

AMND Junior 2 Coach: Deb Branson

  • Best and Fairest: Eliza Riggal
  • Coaches Award:  Taylor Chillingworth

AMND Junior 4 (1) Coach: Maddison Lloyde

  • Best and Fairest: Bree Norton
  • Coaches Award:  Isla Truman

AMND Junior 4 (2) Coach: Tammy Cooper

  • Best and Fairest: Niiba Kumaina
  • Coaches Award:  Erin Taylor

SADNA Junior 1 Coach: Andrew Grant

  • Best and Fairest: Hannah Warne
  • Coaches Award:  Hayley Pastro

AMND Inter 1 Coach: Mardi Foweraker

  • Best and Fairest: Jazmine Noye
  • Coaches Award:  Isabella Noye

AMND Inter 2 Coach: Michael O’Brien

  • Best and Fairest: Jordyn Jaench
  • Coaches Award:  Shanaya Cotgrave

AMND Inter 3 Coach: Jennie Hanson

  • Best and Fairest: Aisha Thomas
  • Coaches Award: Olivia Irving

SADNA Inter 1 Coach: Richard Andrews

  • Best and Fairest: Brooke Hoppo
  • Coaches Award:  Holly O’Leary

SADNA Inter 2 Coach: Louise Ward

  • Best and Fairest: Oakley Lavender
  • Coaches Award:  Karlee Turner

SADNA Inter 3 Coach: Brendan Liddy

  • Best and Fairest: Sophie Johnson
  • Coaches Award:  Grace Moore

SADNA Inter 4 Coach: Sue Rushton

  • Best and Fairest: Isabella Loughron
  • Coaches Award:  Gabrielle Noto

AMND Coach: Olivia Gallio

  • Best and Fairest: Annika Standish
  • Coaches Award: Savanna Musarella

AMND B1 Coach: Andrea Wilksch

  • Best and Fairest: Karla Newman
  • Coaches Award: Stacey Heir

AMND B5 Coach: Zoey Jenkins

  • Best and Fairest: Emily Talbot
  • Coaches Award: Claire Page

Premier League Reserves Coach: Darren Saul / Assistant Coach: Jason Noye

  • Best and Fairest: Aimee Feltham
  • Coaches award: Makayla Siegert

Retiring player: Aimee Feltham

  • Debut 2013 – 2018
  • 6 seasons with Harlequins and Tango
  • Total League and Reserve games 40
  • Reserve leading shooter 2016 and 2017
  • Reserve Best and Fairest 2017

Premier League Coach: Scott Waddington / Assistant Coach: Lynette Hutton

  • Best and Fairest: Jess Curnow
  • Coaches Award: Jess Ward

Retiring player – Jessica Curnow

  • Debut 2006 to 2018
  • 13 season with Cougars, Woods and Tango
  • 127 League games, 97 Reserve games, for a total of 221 games
  • 2017 Netball SA Team of the Year GS
  • 2016 and 2017 Premier League Leading Shooter
  • 2015, 2016, 2017 Tango Best and Fairest
  • SASI Scholarship holder 2007
  • 2 Reserve Premierships with Cougars

Emily in Spirit Award – The Emily spirit award is presented to a young player who just loves her netball. Doesn’t necessarily have to be a good player but one who tries hard, trains regularly and be someone who gives 100% no matter what the situation.

Aisha Thomas

Coach of the Year – Not necessarily a premiership coach. Could be a coach who has encouraged and developed his/her players. Developed themselves by attending clinics etc and gaining further accreditation.

Mardi Foweraker

Team of the Year – Awarded to the team that won the most number of games and by the highest percentage.


Peter Badcock Memorial Umpire Trophy – Awarded to an umpire who shows keen interest in umpiring. Makes themselves available for other than normal match day umpiring.

Alexandra Wandtke

Errol and Kaye Hood Premier League Trophy

Charlotte Veart

John Mullins Memorial Club Person of the Year – Awarded to a person who puts their hand up when needed. Usually does more than one job around the Club. Not necessarily a Committee Person.

Jennie Hanson

Presentation Night thanks:

There was a lolly bar raising funds for our charity partner – Childhood Cancer Association.

A massive thank you to all our coaches, primary careers and team managers – without you teams would not make it on to the court!

To Errol, Kaye, Mardi, Melinda and Jennie – a great job on organising the night.

We thanked and named all our sponsors as our Premier League Club Sponsors are critical #ittakes2toTango

Thanks to Jack from JP light and Sound and JP Event Management for the pink lighting and we look forward to working with you in the future.

Now that’s a rap! See you for the summer season

Angela President, Tango Netball Club