Our People

The mission of the Tango Netball Club Incorporated is to contribute to the education of young people based on good sporting values developing skills, team play and healthy participation in netball at all levels.
We have many volunteers who contribute their time and efforts into making this club a success, ranging from coaches, team managers, umpires, canteen staff and our hard working committee.

Executive Committee
President: Simon Finlay
Vice President: Vacant
Public Officer: Lindsay Saul
Treasurer: Errol Hood
Welfare Officer: Kaye Hood
Secretary: Mardi Foweraker
Registrar: Vacant
General Committee 2017
Deb Branson
Angela Lloyde
Melinda Wandtke
Francesca Camilleri
Aimee Feltham
Jennie Hansen
Bec Purcell
Michael Belcher
Umpiring Co-Ordinator
Melinda Wandtke
Fundraising Co-Ordinators
Jennie Hansen and Aimee Feltham
Premier League Co-Ordinator
Darren Saul
Equipment Co-Ordinator
Deb Branson
Sponsorship Co-Ordinators
Bec Purcell and Michael Belcher
Public Relations Co-Ordinator / Volunteer Co-Ordinator
Angela Lloyde
Child Safety Officer
Aimee Feltham
Match Committee Chairperson
Julie Gelling
Match Committee
Glenn Gaisford
Julie Gelling
Michael O’Brien
Mardi Foweraker
Tammy Cooper
Marg McLean
Deb Branson
Premier League, Premier League Reserves & AMND Coaching Group 2017
Premier League Head Coach – Scott Waddington
Premier League Assistant Coach – Kelly Assender
Premier League Assistant Coach – Darren Saul
Premier League Specialist Coach – Leeanne Cummins
Premier League Team Manager – Heather Rodda
Premier League Physiotherapist – Margaret Kyprianou (Flex Physiotherapy)
Premier League Reserves Coach – Lynette Hutton
Premier League Reserves Assistant Coach – Jason Noye
Premier League Reserves Team Manager – Karyn Appelkamp
Premier League Reserves Physiotherapist – Margaret Kyprianou (Flex Physiotherapy)
AMND League Coach – Christine Murray
AMND League Team Manager – Sheralyn Farley
Age Group Co-Ordinators
AMND Seniors – Christine Murray
SADNA Seniors- Marg McLean
Intermediates – Mardi Foweraker
Juniors – Glenn Gaisford
Sub Juniors – Michael O’Brien
Primary & Sub Primary – Tammy Cooper
Coaching Group AMND and SADNA 2017
AMND League – Christine Murray
B1 – Jason Noye
B6 – Jo Rasche
Inter 1 –Mardi Foweraker
Inter 2 – Shelley King
Inter 3 – Michael Obrien
Inter 4 – Jennie Hansen
Junior 1/1 – Glenn Gaisford
Junior 1/ 2 – Jo Rasche
Junior 2/2 – Deb Branson
Junior 3 – Maddie Lloyde
Junior 4 – Deb Branson
Junior 5 – Jade Sinclair and Amy Norris
Junior 6 – Kerry Ferguson
Sub Junior 1 – Michael O’Brien
Sub Junior 2 – Julie Gelling
Sub Junior 3 – John Panagaris
Sub Junior 4 – Tatum Finlay and Shelby Finlay
Sub Junior 5 – Ian Woods
Primary 1 – Tammy Cooper
Primary 2 – Amanda Mundy
Senior 1 (A3) -Marg McLean
Senior 2 (A3) Heather Hean
Senior 3 (B1) -Meagan Jacobs
Inter 1 –Richard Andrews
Inter 2 – Nikki Barnard
Junior 1 -Meagan Jacobs
Junior 2 – Marg McLean
Junior 3 – Andrew Grant
Sub Junior 1 – Brendan Liddy
Sub Junior 2 – Andrew Grant
Primary 1 – Sue Rushton
Primary 2 – Rebecca Crowe
Primary 3 – Kelly Hean
Sub Primary 1 – Meegan Bryant
Sub Primary 2 – Kira Matiscsak
Sub Primary 3 – Amanda Morris
Sub Primary 4 – Sue Rushton

Tango Life Members
Meritorious Service
Bev Angel
Peter Badcock (deceased)
Fran Buller
Bruce Easom
Bill Graboloski
Kaye Hood
Errol Hood
John Mullins (deceased)
Bev Vickers
Colin White
Alan Penn
Ray Heyer
Lyn Jones
Glenn Gaisford
Deb Branson
Steve Windle
Julie Gelling
Taylor Krawczyk
Wendy McDonnell
100 Games or 10 Years Senior Service
Lana Appleby
Kay Bedford
Julie Francou
Leanne Reid
Sally George
Vicky Hastings
Kristin Ingerson
Jill Jackson
Dianne Kolbig
Vicki Krolikowski
Monica Lahm
Rachel Mundy
Kay Partington
Adel Polyak
Bronwyn Roberts
Sharyn Slatter
Michelle Ziepes