This SOP articulates the procedure to be followed by members wishing to make a grievance in relation to decision or processes relating to the club. It demonstrates the model to be used by the Management Committee when dealing with these matters.


1. Considering a Grievance

When considering a grievance you should ensure that you consider
these points in relation to the person making the grievance or being the
subject of a grievance:

  • Has a right to be heard
  • Has a right to be present during any hearing
  • Will not suffer victimization as a result of this process
  • Will be regarded as innocent until proven otherwise
  • In usual circumstances has the right to know the name of the aggrieved person
  • Have the right to an impartial hearing of the grievance and step aside if deemed necessary
  • Have any person involved in the grievance process declaring any interest they have in the process
  • Be informed of these rights


2. Responsibility

As part of an overall philosophy to maintain best practice, the Club should
ensure that appropriate procedures are set in place to enable member access to
grievance procedures to address a grievance they may have with a decision or
process undertaken by the Club.

3. The General Grievance Model

The following grievance procedure will apply:

Making a grievance

a. A member or parent may lodge a grievance in relation to a decision or a process undertaken by the Club. The grievance can be made to any committee member of the Club.

b. The grievance must be in writing on the appropriate form Grievance Form (Annex A).

c. The Secretary of the club will receive the written grievance and record this appropriately on the Grievance Register (Annex B) with sufficient details to ensure subsequent follow up of it.

d. The Secretary will determine whether the grievance relates to Districts or Metro Competition, the Committee in general or the Club Executive. The Secretary will advise the President, of all grievances relating to the Committee in general or the Club Executive. In order to provide an efficient handling or the matter the Secretary may discuss a grievance issue relating to Districts or Metro Competition personally with the Vice President Netball. Once the appropriate course of action in relation to any grievance is decided, the Secretary will send a letter to the appropriate official informing them of the basis of the grievance.

e. Any allegation must be supported by valid evidence and this evidence will be
included with other information supplied by the aggrieved person.

Dealing with a Grievance

a. Grievances dealing with players and netball issues will be directed to the
Vice-President (VP) Netball. The VP Netball is expected to request a relevant
official (Coaching Director, Umpire Coordinator, Districts Coordinator, Metro
Coordinator, Coaching Coordinator), to investigate, review the matter and
provide a draft reply or other suggested course of action.

b. The grievance shall remain confidential during this process although any
person subject to the grievance is entitled to be informed of the details of it.

c. The draft reply will be placed before the Committee and considered by them.
Once the grievance and the final written reply have been reviewed and
agreed upon by the Committee, it will be sent to the aggrieved person. agreed upon by the Committee, it will be sent to the aggrieved person.

d. The Committee may use any of the following methods to resolve the
grievance (but not limited to these methods)

i. Provide a written reply to the aggrieved person detailing the matters
considered by the Committee during this process

ii. Explain to the person who is aggrieved, any processes that have been
undertaken by the Club in relation to the issue relating to the grievance

iii. If agreeable by person making the grievance and person who is the subject of the grievance, arrange a meeting between the party to discuss the matter

iv. Obtain any background information in relation to the grievance to ensure
a clear indication of all factors concerning the grievance is able to be

v. An appropriate apology from the staff member concerned in relation to an
action outlined in the grievance

vi. Deem the matter unable to be resolved after these processes have been followed

vii. Take no action and the grievance dismissed (dependant on the validity of the grievance)

Other Issues

The General Grievance Process applies for issues about Grading, Player Skill Assessment and other matters not involving allegations of unacceptable conduct of a Committee official.

Where an allegation of unacceptable conduct is made against a Committee official then this shall be first considered by the Club President, aided by those of the Executive deemed necessary.

Other Action considered by the Club

Suitable action in relation to the grievance will vary according to the circumstances, but can include and is not limited to:

  • an undertaking by the Club to review the practices / procedures as outlined in
    the grievance
  • an undertaking by the Club to implement the suggestions made in relation to
    the grievance
  • The decision of the Committee in relation to the matter will be final
  • The grievance form will be filed with any appropriate endorsements noted
  • The Grievance register will be endorsed appropriately

4. Grievances Involving Grading Issues

Where a person lodges a written submission addressing deficiencies,
alleged errors or unfair grading of a particular player, it is EXPECTED that
the performance of the player will be reviewed by one or more
independent persons (from within the Club, arranged by VP Netball and
relevant Coordinator). Player performance will be compared with that
player’s peers in training and/or game situations.
If the submission above includes allegations of unacceptable conduct of
Graders or Club Officials then the two issues will be separated.


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